About Front-end development


What is Front-end Development

The front-end is the interface between the user and the back-end (functionalities and "behind the scenes" procceses). Front-end is what the user see when landing on a website, all those visual elements that give a shape to it, such as the layout, images, contents and interactions.

For holding in place, structuring and presenting content of all the aforementioned elements, we need a markup language combined with the presentation semantics to control the style and layout, this last being the CSS language.

Furthermore if we need the website to interact and perform better, such as easier to navigate a document, select elements, create animations, handle events, etc., JavaScript language provides all this on the front-end layer, either specifically coded or as a jQuery plugin or similar JavaScript libraries.

Thus front-end development deals with the client side aspects of building web sites, through processes such as writing Client Side markup (HTML), languages styles coding (CSS) and adding interactions (JS).